Reveal Technologies

Advanced Technology to Recreate Eyesight



Our proprietary software is customized to each individual’s vision loss to recreate their eyesight.


We implement our software into our custom wearable device to enhance vision for the visually impaired.


We use two cameras to recreate depth perception, mimicking your ocular muscles.

Field of View

Our field of view is 120°, the largest out there.

Edge Detection

Our software detects edges, so patients can walk again. 

Lower Eye Strain

Less nausea and dizziness means a higher quality of life for patients.

We are the only low-vision wearable that recreates depth perception using two cameras.

We use two cameras to lower eye strain and deliver impeccable magnification and contrast, which means longer patient use.

The Vue

See the world again

The VUE is worn like a regular headset. It stores two high-speed HD cameras that capture images in real-time. Our advanced software convert those images to create 3D structure and depth in images, mimicking the eyes’ natural image creation. Unlike other headsets, users are able to use their peripheral and central vision, allowing them to walk and be mobile.

Our technology delivers the most settings and user controls for contract and magnification, as well as the largest field of view of 120°.


  • Patented technology to recreate depth and 3D structure
  • Highest magnification Variable contrast settings
  • Lower eye strain and longer user wear
  • Largest field of view (120°)
  • Edge detection

Designed For The Visually Impaired


The VUE is a major medical advancement for vision care, comparable to the development of Lasik surgery, microvascular retinal surgery, and lens implants in terms of potential impact.”

— Warren D. Cross, M.D., founder of The Laser Vision Center and Cross Eye Centers

I really believe this is a miracle. It’s a wonderful thing that we can see and be independent again.

— Rosalia Vasquez, diabetic retinopathy patient, on The VUE